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Larp: Dry Spell

CatnipMouse , IdiotSavant , EllenB and ScottK

by Scott Kelly, Ellen Boucher, Donna Giltrap, Malcolm Harbrow, Paul Wilson

It is 1930 and the signatories of the Unseelie Accords have gathered in the NeverNever not far from Chicago, USA for their annual meeting. But everyone has their own agenda, and the balance is fragile. Wizards, vampires, powerful Fae, mobsters, the Bureau of Prohibition- they're all here, along with a few unexpected visitors.

Chicago may be dry, but by the end of tonight, the city could well be soaked with blood.

A game set in the world of Jim Butcher's 'Dresden Files' novels (no knowledge of the books is needed).

40 to 60 players