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Southern Seas
@ 2 p.m.

Hydra 2013

Brookfields Scout Camp, Wainuomata, New Zealand

Run at Hydra 2013, Brookfields, Wainuiomata, NZ


by Naomi Guyer

In the year of our Lord 1843 a ship named Mercy set sail from London, Brittania, on a course towards Oceania and the great Southern continent. It carried you, and hundreds of other passengers and crew towards a new life in a new world.

The first few weeks of your journey were uneventful. Pleasant even. You made the third floor of the ship your home, and settled in for the voyage. Your problems began just off the coast of Antartica. On the evening of July 10th Robert Jameson, first mate of the Mercy gathered up all the souls on the third floor and herded you, like animals, into the captain's mess hall. He told you that the ship's captain was missing and was last seen descending to your floor. You are to remain here until his disappearance has been investigated.

Characters featured are members of the ship's crew and passengers from the third floor of the ship - refugees, adventure seekers, and academics from Eire, Alba, and Brittania.