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Larp: Romeo and Ethel the Pirate's Daughter


by Anna Klein

A swashbuckling comedy of daring, dashing, dastardliness, damsels and a bit with a dog.

It started when a bitter rivalry between Romeo, a roguish musketeer, and Ethel, a scurrilous wench, was to be settled by a dishonourable duel to the death. But it's all gone horribly wrong - Romeo's vanished, Ethel's missing, answers are being demanded and fingers (and guns and swords) are being pointed. There's also been a shipwreck, and the governor's daughter's been kidnapped, Casanova's endangering the virtue of every woman, the forest is crawling with thieves, there's rumours of buried treasure, and several kingdoms in peril, nobody trusts the men in masks (and tights), the damsels all have knives in their corsets and nobody knows where the rum is. A game bringing you the best thing about pirates, musketeers, merry men, wenches, damsels and Shakespearian comedy, drenched in improbable circumstances, mistaken identities, star-crossed lovers and non-stop witty sexual innuendo. Hey nonny-nonny.

18-player maximum