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Bad Dreams: Alien
@ 8 p.m.

Run at private venue, Auckland, by NZLARPS (run 2 of 2)


by Vanya Essin and others

Commercial space travel is a bitch. It takes up to five years for most shipping runs, that’s just one way. You get frozen on the way, so at least you don’t age prematurely, but it’s ten years away from the world, getting back into society is no small feat. Because of this, commercial space runs pay. They pay a LOT. Weylan-Yutani rule commercial space traffic, only in recent years did it finally get an opponent in Intelex Inc, two warring corporations make space travel a chaotic business.

You are on your way home. There’s over 50, 000 tons of refined ore in the cargohold, that means a big payoff back on Earth. Half way to earth the ship picked up a distress beacon, the AI: Mother, automatically defrosted all of you, never a pleasant experience. A small away team went to investigate. They came back with one of theirs in an incapacitated state. There are rumours that the away team made contact with an alien lifeform. No one knows what really happened.