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Bad Things in the Bayou
@ 6:30 p.m.

Run in Auckland, NZ, by NZLARPS


by Anna Klein

Blanchard, Louisana. A tiny backwater town in the 'Bayou State' where the population of 1592 locals keep mostly to themselves and live behind shut curtains in falling down civil war era mansions and rusting trailers. With no tourist attractions besides miles and miles of fetid swampland, a few historical buildings, and it's own local monster legend that's as old as the town's foundations, the locals don't quite know what to make of the big city tourists that have wandered into Sharlene's Diner this sticky, sweltering Thursday morning. Folks are already uneasy on account of the missing people, the old timers are muttering the Blanchard bogeymonster in increasingly serious tones, and no one steps out of doors at night without their crosses and voodoo charms. Something's stirring in the tepid bayous of Blanchard, and legends say it's even older and hungrier than the gators.

A modern supernatural drama with elements of horror inspired by the atmospheric settings of Trueblood and the early Anita Blake novels.