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Larp: Carry on at Camp David


by Peaky Games.

It is the 17th November 1962, and the Cold War is at its height. Throughout the USA, rumours of communist conspiracies abound.

The setting is Camp David, the US President's official rural retreat. President Dwight Nixody has broken off trade negotiations to hold a reception in honour of astronaut Buzz Leapyear who is to be presented with the Congressional Medal of Honor. It is a relaxed, informal occasion, and the speeches are expected to be kept short.

The President is also expected to make an announcement about the Statue of Liberty replacement project, which has received much media coverage of late.

Costuming - for a 1960s formal function with an oppotunity for some military chappies and a chance to wear a tea towel on your head if you're the Saudi diplomat. Character sheets 2 pages or so each with a couple of extra pages of background

18 players