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Larp: Call of the Wild Hunt


by Stephen Kenneally and Aidan Marsh

Welcome emissaries of the Sidhe and Unsidhe Courts, the honoured observers, and favoured mortals. Approximately five hundred years ago a Call to the Wild Hunt was sounded and a mortal was chosen to lead it. Somehow the power the fae courts held over humanity was broken. Although they didn't know exactly why the divide had occurred, King Oberon and Queen Mab forbid the ancient rites used to call the Hunt, then and forever, in the belief that this would prevent any further division of the worlds. You have been brought here by hearing the Call of the Wild Hunt, and therefore you must, by midnight, choose a Huntsman to lead the Hunt. Because the Balance between the Courts requires they not attend in person, Black Tom / Tam and Puck have been appointed by Oberon and Mab as arbitrators. It is also the will of Summer and Winter that the one who called the Hunt be discovered and punished for defying the decree of Mab and Oberon.

14 to 16 players