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Tomb of the Mad Goddess
@ 8 p.m.
Motu Moana Scout Camp, Green Bay, Auckland, New Zealand

Run at Chimera 2016


by Sophie Melchior

England, 1839. It is the beginning of an exciting new era. A new Queen has been crowned and Britain is on the brink of her most prosperous time.

Queen Victoria has been gifted with a great discovery, the Column of Cleopatra, by the most pre-eminent explorers of the Age; the Society of Exceptional Discovery. This grand obelisk was unveiled to great pomp and ceremony with members of society, Parliament and industry in attendance.

However the Column was not all that it seemed. More than being merely an object of remarkable history, it is in fact Cleopatra’s tomb. Rather than a dried up husk, the Last of the Pharaohs lay inside as beautiful as the day she died. Driven mad by these many centuries of captivity The Queen of the Nile burst forth, like a screaming banshee, and attempted to take Queen Victoria’s life.

Brave souls sacrificed themselves in order for the Queen to escape deeper into the Society buildings, where she is now trapped. The dread Cleopatra is now causing havoc through out London, while the Queen and the Society try to discover how to kill her once and for all.

Is this merely a coincidence or has some devilish plot been hatched from with in the Society itself? Can Cleopatra be stopped before she destroys London around them? Can the Society rise above it’s recent divisions in this darkest of hours?