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Wellington High School, Wellington, New Zealand

Run at KapCon XVII


by Sean Broadley, Naomi Guyer, and Stephanie Pegg

It's the time of the festival, a truce held every four years at the Sanctuary of Lykeion. This is the time to catch up with friends and enemies; you can celebrate the good times, negotiate treaties, arrange marriages – all blessed by the holy time of the gods.

It will be a troubled festival, though. There has been famine all about, and bickering amongst the nations. Some say the goddess of fertility has left the land. Some even say that all the gods have left, upset by the people's departure from the old ways. In the meantime, worryingly, strange ships have been seen far off shore.

It's the time of the festival. Come, come and join the queen of Madrigal, the warrior-leaders of Necale, the emissaries of the ancient realm of Vidan as they celebrate the quarter. Come and see the ship-born strangers that rumours say will appear at the Sanctuary. Come, join the happy crowd of duellists, the philosophers, the merchants, the scoundrels.

Strike a deal, save your people from the famine, pursue a feud, celebrate the gods. Scariest of all, maybe you'll get married.