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by Norman Cates, Bryn Jones, Catriona McBride, Paul Wilson and Mike Foster

The Union of Planets prospered through a system of interstellar travel gates that allowed instantaneous passage between worlds. Reunion is set centuries after the disastrous shut down of the gates. The vast distances between worlds has prevented any contact, and over time each planet has evolved in strange and different ways. The gate on your home planet opened briefly and a messenger arrived looking for help in permanently reopening the gate network. How can the gates be reopened, should they be reopened, why were they shut down, what is in your (or your planets) best interest, how will you seize this opportunity to take your place in history?

The Arborians - Adopting the dress and societal style of the ancient Victorian era of ‘Old Earth’. Cities built atop giant trees, with vast steam powered airships moving people from city to city.

The Free Republic of Bharat - Where anyone can succeed by their own efforts, without fear of restrictive regulation or prejudice. True freedom is there for those willing to make the effort.

The Sujanese - Living on a harsh world rich in mineral wealth but with little fertile land. They are a proud people who value family, loyalty, status and strength.

Planet Eclatia - A world where fame is everything, the more popular and successful you are the higher your status. A place where every body knows your name or one day will.

The Cigani - Descendants of the Romanies from 'Old Earth', before the gates closed they traveled between planets selling what could be 'found', some have taken to more direct ways of acquiring wealth.

The People of Chapparal - a world of giant fauna and flora. Tribal in nature they form tight families to struggle against the harshness of life in a world where they are not the dominant species.