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The Great Exhibition
@ 12:30 p.m.

Run at Crupper House, MOTAT, Auckland, New Zealand


by Rowena Knill, Dave Luxton, Hamish Meads, Liz McCombe & Gary Freedman

The year is 1851 and Prince Albert has sponsored the Great Exhibition of the Works of Industry of all Nations in Hyde Park London, in the specially erected Crystal Palace. Exhibits have come, not only from throughout Britain, but also its expanding imperial colonies, such as Australia, India and New Zealand, and other foreign countries such as Denmark, France and Switzerland.

It is the eve of the official opening and a grand gala is being held. While the huddled masses crouch outside the great palace those with enough money or the right connections will be there to get an advance viewing of the exhibits before the peasants are allowed in tomorrow. It is a great opportunity to see who is who in Victorian society, to see and be seen, and to network with other like folk of similar class.