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Larp: A Stiff One


You've just had the worst week of your life. This thing happened, and it was awful, and no matter what you tried to do about it, it was still unspeakably horrible. Well, almost unspeakably. That's what Friday night drinks are for - to sit down with your mates, have a stiff one, and vent about all the stuff that's been happening in your life. Just wait 'til they hear what happened to you.


This game is a discourse oriented larp about the horrible thing that just happened, how you're going to deal with it and, if possible, capping everybody else's hard luck story and getting some well-deserved sympathy to soothe your fragile nerves. While there will be some funny (embarrassing?) bits, there will also be mature themes and bad things happening to good people.

impossible to spoil
4 to 8 players