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The Black Hart of Camelot

Run in Auckland, NZ, by NZLARPS


by Ryan Paddy

It is a kingdom that never was, and always will be. The tale of the rise and fall of Camelot has been told and re-told over the centuries, and has often strayed far from the truth. Now shall we uncover the true history of Camelot, and of all the lords and ladies that had a hand in its shaping and eventual undoing.

Arthur is High King in the land of Camelot, with four British kingdoms under him. To the southwest lies his vassal land of Cornwall, whose influence is growing. To the west is Cameliard, whose king gave his daughter Guinevere's hand in marriage. In the north is the unruly kingdom of Lothian. To the east is noble Listenoise, home of the Fisher King. These four royal families vie for land, treasure and favour within King Arthur's court and their sons serve as Knights of the Round Table. Over the sea to the west lies the Kingdom of Ireland, fiercely independent of Britain.

In this newly-united kingdom the ideals of romantic chivalry are tested against the old rule of might, and Christianity clashes with the old pagan ways. Blood feuds are fought between the noble families, and unseen powers vie for the soul of the land and its people. When a black hart enters the hall at Camelot, the sorcerer Merlin arranges a gathering of all those who might decide the fate of Britain in the face of this dark omen. Now a crucial lost chapter in the history of Camelot will unfold.