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New Voices in Art
@ 2 p.m.

Chimera 2013

Motu Moana Scout Camp, Green Bay, Auckland, New Zealand

Run at Chimera 2013


New Voices in Art is Scandinavian-style larp about ambition, ambivalence and about feeling alone in the world. We will be using contemporary art to symbolise our yearning for success and fulfilment as creative individuals, and explore themes related to that through play. This is a low-plot, high-immersion game. The scene of the larp is an informal party for the participating artists in the prestigious exhibition «New Voices in Art», on the evening before the opening day. The scenography consists of pieces of art. You will be playing an alternate version of yourself. The extent of the differences between your regular self and the larp version is largely up to you, but there are certain rules: You are an aspiring contemporary artist, or an art scene hangabout You are not personally familiar with any of the other participants, as you may be in real life. You have never even heard of larp. Apart from that, you are free to make this version of yourself as alike or different from your everyday self as you see fit. Artist players will be assigned an art piece and a sentence describing your feelings about your piece. Before play begins you will be given time to look at your piece, so that you might figure out why you have made it, and why you feel the way you do about it. Hangabout players will be given a sentence describing their motivation for attending the party.