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Battle of the Bards
@ 10 a.m.
Brookfields Scout Camp, Wainuomata, New Zealand

Run at Hydra 2019


by ellen boucher

It's graduation day at Wellspring College of Bardic Arts!

Time for the bards to go looking for groups, and adventuring parties to find their next member. It's also time for the Graduate Showcase. From orcish death metal hymns, to the college's first ever Dwarven bard, it promises to be a treat for the assembled parents, adventurers, and teachers. Of course first they have to cope with a threat most of the races of the realms truly dread... making small talk and getting to know people.

Some of the players will take on the roles of graduate bards at the Bardic College (these will require a short performance piece- whether players are willing to do this will be asked during casting).

Others will play members of adventuring parties, parents of graduates, and one or two teachers from the college.

This is intended to be a daft, high fantasy game. If a bit of scenery chewing and silliness are your jam then this is the game for you.