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by lisa malone

How do writers get their inspiration – on their own or delivery by muse? What do you think of when you imagine the muses – elegant, graceful creatures out of Greek myth who kindly bestow this inspiration, or backstabbing, squabbling creatures constantly fighting over who controls the ideas, the writers and the next best seller? It’s the latter. Several famous writers have come to a writers retreat to try and help each other get past their current writers block. Unbeknown to the writers a number of muses have also swooped down into the retreat. But with more muses than writers the competition is fierce (also due to the fact that in the rush to get here the muses all grabbed the wrong inspiration, but hey so long as it's being used by a writer it doesn't really matter what it is does it?). Which muse will be able to ‘inspire’ the most writers, and will the poor writers be able to finish at least one sensible story (or a best seller – these retreats are not cheap)?