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Larp: House of Wild Cards


by anna klein

Ronald Ace, the outlandish orange-tinted billionaire businessman, was the wild card candidate no one expected to take the top job. Considered a joker and a knave by most of the world, his seemingly ridiculous campaign of moat building, as well as his catchy slogan, "Let’s Make This Country Ace Again!" saw him sweep across the nation in a river of success.

And now he's done it. He won the election. Tomorrow, he'll be inaugurated into the White House as President of the greatest nation in the west. Today he's throwing a big party to celebrate his success and he's invited all sorts of people: his beautiful wife, his supporters, his campaign team, foreign dignitaries, the press and even his rivals, just to rub their noses in his victory. With no expense spared, it’s promised to be a grand old party.

Meanwhile, his opponents stand aghast at his victory. There’s a pallor over the celebrations as there are uneasy rumours that he will not go, even at this eleventh hour, unchallenged to victory. Security is tight, with whispers that an assassin is lurking on the guest list.

It's been a high stakes game, and the chips are down. Can anyone trump an Ace?

A parody game of outrageous comedy hijinks.

20-player maximum