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Larp: The Kyme Summit


by Malcolm Harbrow

Kyme: Water world in the Sigma Lacertae system, famous as the sole source of the drug chwast. Previously ruled by House Thalassa, it was taken by House Erebus after a long and bloody struggle. Following the demise of House Erebus in 7643, ownership was contested by multiple Houses… — The Imperial Encyclopedia

After losing a war of assassins, House Erebus has fled into exile and surrendered the fief of Kyme, the water-world on which the unique drug chwast is grown. Now five Great Houses are competing for the rights to the fief and to exploit the fabulous wealth it represents. The Emperor has appointed an Imperial Legate to choose between them. A decision must be made — and the fate of the Empire may hang in the balance.

The Kyme Summit is a game of politics and ambition for 6 players set in a baroque feudal interstellar empire. Five of the players will represent the leaders of the Great Houses competing for ownership of Kyme, and one will play the Imperial Legate who will decide between them — and decide the fate of the planet’s population in the process. The game is expected to last for approximately two hours.

6-player maximum