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The 63
@ 2 p.m.
Brookfields Scout Camp, Wainuomata, New Zealand

Run at Hydra 2017


by mel duncan

100 or so years ago, the Earth died in a nuclear apocalypse. Now, those who waited out the fire on a space station have returned to the ground, and unexpectedly found it green, growing, and full of people who have flourished on the ground without technology. Outdoor boffer-combat game.

Based on “The 100” TV show, using the setting but not the characters. No knowledge of the source material is required - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ia1Fbg96vL0 explains 95% of the setting that you need to know. Spoilers for S2 plot.

This is designed to be a PvP and PvE game, with nerf guns and larp-safe weapons. Weapons can be provided for those who don’t own them. Groups start at opposite ends of Brookfields, so a reasonable amount of walking is expected to occur. Some crew would be great.