Hi! This is a static copy of the larpresume site (geeky shout-out to the command 'wget' for making this easy!). We had to move webhosts and I'm working in the background to try and get the site back up and functioning. Until then, you'll be able to read what's already here but won't be able to edit anything.

If you want to see where I'm at with getting the dynamic/live site up and running, feel free to take a look at live.larpresume.boldlygoingnowhere.org .


by Bully Pulpit Games; We have been assigned to an Investigative Working Group assembled by the Ministry of State Security. IWG 203 has been assembled to contain, degrade and destroy a radical group code named WINTERHORN. We will decide on a course of action collectively and bring the state's many resources to bear with care and precision. WINTERHORN is a LARP about the abuse of state power.