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Larp: That's a Wrap

dapperaeronaut and musicforwolves

by Russ Kale, Morgan Atkins and Nik Crombie

It’s not your average day on the lot at Momentous Pictures. Yes, the stars are being mobbed by their adoring fans, and the screenwriters are frantically trying to rebuild their B-picture to make it a headliner, as usual. Just what everyone expected from this brand new 1947. Beneath the glaze of a thousand sequins, though, the world is changing… and not necessarily for the better. The search for un-American activities is starting to roll, and the facade of the studio system is looking a little creakier than it did this time last year.

Set on the studio lot during one spring afternoon, That’s a Wrap features all those things that went on, just behind the camera. Expect politics, romance, secrets, a kidnapped canine star and more than a little unexpected drama.

That’s a Wrap is a theatreform flagship LARP for 50-55 players. In terms of tone, it will feature elements of both screwball comedy and serious drama. While some characters will be firmly in one category or the other, many will feature elements and plots that can play to both.

Some characters in this game are actors in the films being produced by the studio. These characters may have short scripts attached to their character sheets; players with these roles do not need to memorise these scripts, although they are welcome to if they wish. Some characters in this game have romantic plots as a significant element; the casting questionnaire for this game will have questions about whether players are comfortable with this, and with other elements that affect only one or two characters.

This game is certified to contain no supernatural elements.

50 to 55 players