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Larp: Like Putting a Leash on a Rocket Launcher


It's the future, and everyone's not dead. Surprise! There are no zombies, no nuclear wars, and no crazed robots trying to wipe out humanity. Most soapbox prophets are sorely disappointed. You can even walk down the street safely and watch as city workers landscape the new park. A man in a suit oversees the progress, and he motions to the man he has on a leash. The second man lifts his arms, and the ten-foot oak is suddenly uprooted neatly and sliced into even chunks, which float themselves onto a flatbed. As soon as the last piece of wood settles, he puts his arms down and walks over to the man in the suit, who pats him on the head and gives him a cookie.

Yes, life is pleasant and normal. As you wait for the bus, the woman on a leash next to you chats happily with her handler, who grooms her while she speaks. He nods once in a while, pulling her hair back to show off the stamp on her forehead, then hands her his empty coffee cup. It disintegrates as she runs her fingers down the side, talking nonstop all the while without missing a beat.

Thank goodness for E-phos, you think to yourself as you sip your nonfat latte, just think of the environmental problems humans'd have otherwise.

(A dark-humored game for those who enjoyed Martha Stewart's and other heavily character- driven larp. Homosexuality, kink, sex, and control themes present. 18+ only recommended - not for the faint-hearted.)

30 players