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Larp: Shifting Sands


A Multi-year Space:1889 Campaign


Mars. Mercury. Venus. And what lies beyond the asteroid belt? The advent of space travel and the discovery of civilizations ancient and new throughout the solar system have quite literally opened new horizons to the people of Victorian Earth. Colonial governments have new peoples to enlighten, adventurers and archeologists have new regions to explore, and scientists and inventors are unlocking new secrets at a frankly shocking pace. It seems only fitting that social endeavors should evolve as well. Thus Emily Constance Marie Peregrine, the Countess of Danforth, has announced her latest social innovation: the Aether Salon! Every three months the Countess will host the social event of the season: a salon aboard The Duchess of Argyll, the luxurious aether flyer her husband and noted inventor Edmund Death Whately Peregrine, the 12th Earl of Danforth, has recently built for her. They will fly The Duchess where whimsy takes them, bringing civilization and the cream of Victorian society with them. One gathering may take place outside London, the next in orbit around Venus. The ancient city states of Mars, the frontier outposts of Mercury... all these and more will be their playground. Always known for slight eccentricity, the Countess will invite anyone she feels will add interest to her salon, even if the strictest social arbiters may not approve. The Countess's Aether Salon is the most anticipated and coveted invite on the social calendar.