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The Hunt for Excalibur
@ 1 p.m.

Run at Phoenix 2016, Christchurch, NZ


by Samantha Nicholls

As time passed and memories faded most forgot the details of the fateful night they were summoned by the Wild Hunt. The fae went their separate ways, balance restored and the mortals returned to their mundane lives. And so on the wheel turns.

But for some, the injustices faced at the conclave could not be forgotten. The sword Excalibur once again stolen from the Lady of the Lake rests in hell. And a power long forgotten is stirring once more.

Who now rides with the Hunter? Who dares the ride to the deepest places of the earth? Who in this new world is brave enough to answer the Call of the Wild Hunt.

Requires no prior knowledge of the Call of the Wild Hunt LARP.